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Urban cultivator

Urban Cultivator is a fully automated kitchen garden

Urban cultivator


Urban cultivator
Brand : Urban cultivator
Product # : Commercial

Urban Cultivator is a fully automated kitchen garden


Grow your own herbs and
microgreens in any kitchen with
Urban Cultivator indoor gardens.

Growing greens costs up to 80%
less than buying from a supplier

An incredible variety of difficult to
source seeds are available

Commercial unit accepts standard
10" x 20" flats of greens

Bring a spotlight to your
commitment to fresh food and
the environment

Many restaurants gain free
publicity after installing a unit
from local media and food

Growing greens produces less
emissions than traditionally
grown greens
An Urban Cultivator indoor garden is
perfect for:

Restaurants and bistros

Deli and sandwich shops

Chefs looking to stand out with a
unique angle

Growing difficult to source greens


• 3-year warranty
(1 year parts and labour. 3 years parts)
• Castor wheels
• Magnetic seals
• 1/4" MPT plumbing fittings
• Automatic watering
• Customizable program
• Removable grow drawers
• 7-days-a-week customer support Exterior finish: Powder-coated white
Temperature control: Based on room temperature (no compressor)
Weight: 545 lbs
Growing capacity: 16 flats
Plumbing requirements: 1/4" MPT fittings
Electrical requirements: Grounded 110v wall plug (15 Amp Breaker) Dimension: 65" x 27 1/2" x 79"